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Adaptation: The Key to the Future

– Article by Lee de Lang, Managing Partner at Big Red Oak

“Support the frontline workers.”
“We are stronger together.”
“Shop locally, and help small businesses.”
“We’re all in this together.”

Everyone seems to be saying the same things over the past few weeks … and that is probably because it’s all true. Community spirit is blossoming, as individuals, organizations and businesses all find various ways to extend a helping hand to those in need.

There are so many stories coming from the front lines, as nurses, doctors, grocery clerks, foodbanks, and delivery people put themselves at risk to care for us. There are also stories of businesses rallying to the cause: providing supplies and doing whatever they can to make those frontline jobs easier and safer.

A time for new skills

It’s very heartening to see these businesses responding to the challenge, as they adapt their processes and facilities, deftly learning how to pivot their workforce to support the frontline. In many cases, this means maintaining business continuity as well as they can, avoiding employee layoffs and providing an environment where they, too, can make a difference.

The resilience of the human spirit shines through these efforts, as the entrepreneurs, the corporations, the Mom-and-Pop shops acquire new skills while they retool their business processes to keep staff employed and help those in need.

This is a unique time in history. We’re all coping with a very mixed bag of emotions. Exhilaration, paired with a fear that we can’t sustain our businesses or protect our employees, our friends and family. Anxiety about self-preservation. But it’s our time to lead, to take risks and try new things, to be brave, and not to cower. It’s a time for discovery, for self-reflection, for developing new skills to carry us to the next stage of recovery. It is a time to adapt.

Everyone is saying this, too … because it’s true.

A time for new strategies

Our team has also been mastering the art of adaptation. We care about our clients, and we’re working hard to support their goals—telling their stories with different tools, understanding their specific situations, and spending more time developing strategies to prepare for their recovery with robust marketing, sales and communications plans.

We’re able to anticipate the new methodologies that will translate to the changing ways of doing business, and it is gratifying to see how our clients are responding. We’re excited to see how their businesses will thrive, with the strength of solid strategies infused with great content.

A time for introspection

We’re interested in your story. How have you responded and evolved? How can you inspire and motivate others who may be struggling to pivot? How can you let your customers know that you are there for them, showing them how you’re moving ahead with solutions and new ideas? How have you adapted, and what are you doing in this critical time to sustain your business?

Adapting now, and adapting for tomorrow … the fundamental skill that is the key to success. And perhaps, when we finally emerge on the other side of this pandemic, this is one of the positive things that we will carry with us into a bright future.

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