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Celebrating our Earth

Earth Day takes on even greater significance this year, as people all over the globe are impacted by a brutal pandemic. It unites us in a common cause, as we each struggle to understand and cope with the fallout.

Some days, it may feel as if we’re all on pause. But our bright future isn’t cancelled; and Big Red Oak is making compelling videos from the safety of our homes, using the resources that we have and striving to be our best.

This video celebrates Earth Day by reminding us of the pioneering spirit that has formed our history and will continue to shape our future. Over the centuries, mankind has accomplished amazing things: we can fly faster than sound; we’ve sent a man to the moon; new technologies to protect our climate have been launched; medical breakthroughs happen every day.

Highlighting influential historical figures such as Einstein, Martin Luther King, and Marie Curie, as well as present-day champions like Greta Thunberg and David Attenborough, this video inspires us to remember that mankind will overcome its challenges with careful planning, with the spirit of our forebears, and with the courage of our citizens.