June 6, 2021

– Article by Marilyn de Lang, Writer at Big Red Oak

Curiosity doesn’t necessarily kill the cat. Take Leo Burnett. He was a pioneer in creative advertising, designing successful campaigns like Tony the Tiger and Morris the Cat. With a firm belief in discovering and promoting the inherent value of a product, rather than simply churning out a slick slogan, his dedication to quality paid off. Launched in 1935, the Leo Burnett Agency is still considered a giant in the industry. Burnett once wisely observed that “Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.”

A Natural Gift

Anyone who has had the pleasure of conversing with children recognizes their innate sense of curiosity. They continually ask, “How does it work?” or “Who invented it?” with a million “why’s” about almost everything. Some people are lucky enough to not only retain the natural gift of curiosity, but also to find careers that welcome it. 

Among those lucky people are the designers, animators, filmmakers, editors, writers and strategists at Big Red Oak. We focus on a storytelling approach to B2B marketing, and our work is never static or repetitious. Our clients share the same kind of curiosity. They want something new; something impactful … and their passion ignites our own. We learn through their expertise, research their industry, gain insights into their culture, and develop concepts informed by knowledge and energized by curiosity.

The Winning Cocktail

The diversity of our clientele gives us plenty of space to exercise our creative muscles. It spans multiple sectors: from nuclear, science and medical to financial, technology and service. We take a deep dive into their worlds, seeing what makes them unique, what their vision is, where they are and where they want to go.

It’s a winning cocktail: enthusiastic and perceptive clients partnered by our professional team, powered by the curiosity that fuels creativity. And, as the magnificent poet Maya Angelou so aptly stated, “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

Every project presents us with a new opportunity, and we love to sink our teeth into each one of them. Here are a few examples that showcase the end results of collaborative creativity.


The 45 Dance and The 45 Full Story   A stylized video to honour CAA’s young volunteers through a creative dance echoing their school patroller movements.

New Signature Recruitment Video   An innovative recruitment video underscoring the international profile of New Signature, a Microsoft Partner technology company.

About Fiix   Motion graphics against white space team up with a lighthearted voiceover for Fiix Software.

OMERS AGM   Cards, rather than narration, convey the pride of the employees at OMERS.

SSP Alumni – Jay & Sfiyah   In one of a series of videos partnering CAA’s patrollers with an alumnus, Jay Woo, President and CEO, flies paper airplanes with Sfiyah, who dreams of becoming a pilot.

BRO Documentary Reel   A short compilation of some of our work set to Maya Angelou’s recitation of her poem, “Human Family.”