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Even Better Than Coffee: 6 tips to perk up your presentations

We’ve all been there countless times, whether we’re in charge of delivery or just part of the audience. You know how it goes. The staff – or the shareholders or the members – drift in for the meeting. There’s some idle chat about kids or dogs or the weather while they grab some java. Then they settle into their chairs, anticipating the usual slide presentation outlining upcoming corporate projects, sharing quarterly performance reports, or introducing new office protocols. Ho hum – good thing the coffee is strong. But why not try something new? Here are our tips to wake them up, surprise them, and set the bar high for presentations with pizzazz.

1. Set the mood

Raise their expectations by creating an upbeat mood right off the bat. Entertain the early arrivals with a lively looped video set to an energetic score. Before you start your presentation, you might ask a couple of people what they’re expecting to see and hear, to create a sense of anticipation.

2. Make them chuckle

Warm up the crowd with some fun. This doesn’t mean launching into a stand-up comedy routine. Dot your presentation with some unexpected twists. Amplify the on-screen action with some random fly-in imagery. If the audience is your staff, consider adding some animated characters that strongly resemble members of the executive team, along with witty speech bubbles.

3. Dress up the data

It can be challenging to present dry facts and figures in a way that makes an impact; but, as Mary Poppins wisely observed, a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. A dynamic visual presentation goes a long way towards reinforcing the information that is important for the audience. The animated alter-egos might take turns introducing each point to keep the audience engaged.

4. Practise your delivery

There’s a certain element of performance art involved, and the way that the speaker works in partnership with the visuals can make or break a presentation. Your spiel should complement what’s on the screen, not duplicate it. Above all, NEVER read the text on the slides word-for-word – there’s no coffee strong enough to prevent multiple eyes from glazing over!

5. Invite interaction

Rather than the usual ‘QUESTIONS?’ slide at the end, or the tired old roundtable chat, solicit feedback in a novel way. You might insert intermittent slides with relevant quiz questions and use a buzzer with quirky sound effects to signal right-or-wrong responses. Or give everyone 30 seconds to jot down as many action items or ideas as they can come up with that were prompted by the presentation and give a prize to the winner.

6. End with a flourish

Close the meeting the way it began, with humour and gusto. You could brighten your employees’ day with an amusing short video: how about the animated executives bouncing off into the sunset on carousel horses, accompanied by circus music? Silly? Yes. Memorable? For sure!

How we can help

Shape the concept: Tell us about your audience, your message, and your objectives; and our strategists and writers will develop a presentation that makes its mark.

Design the presentation: Our motion graphics artists, graphic designers, photographers, and videographers create winning presentations for our clients.

Prepare the speaker: We coach our clients on how to enhance the presentation visuals with an effective, polished, and interactive delivery.

Whether you play it straight or go for the laughs, our team can help you make the impression you want for your next presentation. Give us a call, and let’s talk.