December 19, 2022

Big Red Oak believes in the power of storytelling, so we decided to give a voice to our wall. Painting a tale of who we are, what we do and how we play.

Our company’s vision is founded on a people-first philosophy. Building relationships with our clients and partners; sharing ideas and ambitions within our staff; caring about the people we work for and the people we work with. And imbuing it all with a life-loving spirit of fun. 

This is what inspired us to visualize our story: a project that called upon our ingenuity, engaged all our employees; and gave each of us a sense of belonging. And one that literally illustrates our values of honesty, authenticity and passion.  

It was a simple recipe: blank wall, creative talent, some extra time in the off-hours. We just needed to pool some ideas … and so the team was polled: “Tell us what’s important to you.”

And our people responded, giving us a glimpse into the things they care about and what they represent. 

Cameras and clapboards = artistic freedom of cinematic expression.  

Kayaks and campfires = appreciation of the tranquility and beauty of nature.

Bicycles and weights = health and fitness that promote the good life.

A guitar for the musicians among us. Coffee and cigars for the leisure hours.

And Anton, our office mascot with the trademark fedora, adding his distinctive vibe.  

Our designer, Raz, was given a lot to think about. He made a list of our favourite things and drafted a sketch, placing our iconic tree ring in the centre as the heart of the image, which draws all the diverse items into its orbit. 

The tree ring is a fitting symbol for the collaborative core of our company. Tree rings disclose the story of a tree’s past — its age, its history, its environment. Our tree ring tells our story, too: a story of longevity and resilience, of life affirmation and camaraderie. A place where individuals confide their dreams and joys, challenges and triumphs, and come together to be part of a connected whole. 

So what does the future hold? Big Red Oak is excited about our business growth. We’re expanding and evolving, stretching our creative muscles and exploring innovative possibilities, stimulated by our deep commitment to our work, our people and our clients.

And so … there are always ideas that are percolating, more blank walls to fill, and more stories to tell. Stay tuned!