Change Management

Making Some Changes? Don’t Forget About the People.

The famous philosopher, Anonymous, once pointed out that “If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.” Trends and technologies change. Consumer expectations change. But people generally don’t like to change … and there’s the challenge. We can lighten your load by helping you turn resistance into advocacy through our strategic approach to change management.  

The Challenge

As it has often been said, the only thing constant is change. Successful organizations modify their processes and services regularly in response to the evolution of technologies and consumer patterns. The extensive planning that underlies transformation is only half the battle. Old habits die hard and getting everyone on board can be the tricky part. Strategic communications are the key to encourage timely and positive adoption. Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL), Canada’s premier nuclear science and technology organization, was converting its decentralized service delivery into an integrated model. With 3,500 employees across three provinces, they knew they needed a change management strategy to support the transition.

The Solution Icon

The Solution

Big Red Oak designed a six-month plan to motivate all the CNL stakeholder groups, including its directors, executives, managers and employees. The project goals were identified: Launch a multi-channel campaign touting the benefits of the new platform, instill pride in the project team members, and create a network of change champions. Big Red Oak developed the visual and editorial content, including a brand and logo, Intranet articles, executive messages, digital displays, event content, presentations, social media posts and infographics. Multiple video series used a people-focused approach to make an emotional impact while sharing facts and figures. Big Red Oak continues to support CNL in communicating mission-critical change at all levels of the organization.

The Creative

The extensive portfolio of confidential content created by Big Red Oak was enhanced by a series of compelling videos, often combining motion graphics with live footage. This example shows the uplifting tone that inspired the quick adoption of CNL’s new integrated services delivery model. 

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