Internal Communications 
Are your employees looking a bit bored? Lacking the get-up-and-go they had when they first started? Checking out their social media instead of focusing on their tasks? Your workforce is your superpower: Bring them back to life with innovative content that connects and inspires.  

The Challenge

Creating a work environment that energizes its personnel, especially for large organizations, relies on making everyone feel engaged, motivated and respected. That’s where internal communications can be a
make-or-break scenario. Aligning the staff to the company’s mission, values and purpose takes a lot of planning, but the payoff is impressive. A responsive culture gives every member of your team the opportunity for growth and impact, but strategy and content are critical in establishing that culture. With the surge in remote work prompted by the pandemic, it is increasingly necessary to develop the content, the conversations and the connectivity that unite and excite the workforce.

The Solution

Every organization is unique; and Big Red Oak takes a deep dive into their current status, objectives and tactics, stakeholders and staff, and culture and processes. This exploration informs our proposal for a strategic approach to create and deliver content, while holistically managing the program and responding to evolving needs.
Our tools encompass management rollout packages, coaching tools, feedback loops and employee stories. Depending on your priorities, the program can focus on specialized solutions such as thought leadership, health and safety, Indigenous relations or change management. With multimedia assets distributed through diverse platforms, monitored by analysis of performance metrics, we ensure that you achieve your goal: revitalizing your most important audience — your people.

The Creative

Big Red Oak has the highest respect for our clients’ confidentiality, and that includes respecting their privacy with regard to our work for their internal communications. We have developed creative content, including presentations, banners, infographics, reports, Intranet and social media posts and videos to support the campaigns that foster a positive culture and inspire the workforce.

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