Outsourced Marketing

Marketing Tactics Have Evolved. Are You Keeping Pace?

How’s your in-house marketing team doing? Juggling a lot of balls? Stretched to the limit? Frustrated at keeping up with modern trends? If that sounds familiar, consider topping up their capacity by partnering with us. We can bridge the gap and keep your marketing programs humming along the way they should.

The Challenge

Remember when you had to actually talk to a salesperson to get the details on a product or service? Those days are long gone. Today’s buyers expect the info they want to be accessible at all times, right at their fingertips. And that means staying on top of a steady cadence of content, flowing to the right people in the right way. In fact, in our 24/7, always-on world, communications and marketing campaigns never end. It’s not an easy road for companies without the in-house capacity to drive a continual stream of marketing. Does this ring a bell? Don’t worry: You don’t have to go it alone!

The Solution

Many companies now go the hybrid route, pairing an outsourced marketing partner with their own staff. With our effective strategy, you can trigger your potential clients to take the actions you want. An expert marketing team has insights on current trends, access to a network of specialists, and the ability to quickly scale up or down depending on your needs. We can develop and manage a regular program that sets the pace for content distribution, delivering a multimedia platform across varied channels to engage your audiences with timely messaging that supports your business initiatives. Or we can create a customized program that adapts to your needs and opportunities as they arise, such as the multi-year platform we recommended for the Canadian Automobile Association South Central Ontario (CAASCO).

The Creative

Big Red Oak has partnered with CAASCO on many initiatives, including ongoing annual recognition of the young volunteers in CAASCO’s long-standing School Safety Patrol program. In 2019, we enlisted a renowned choreographer and an acclaimed actor to design and host The 45 Dancemirroring the movements of the safety patrollers, with training through The 45 Full Story. At the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, we implemented a lively province-wide virtual event that was reprised nationally in 2021, expanded by using influencers from around the country. We also conceptualized and launched a web series matching SSP alumni with today’s patrollers to share their thoughts; for instance, CEO Jay Woo discusses his love of flying with a young girl who dreams of becoming a pilot (SSP Alumni - Jay and Sfiyah). By pooling the vision of our client with the expertise of our team, we have helped to elevate the CAA SSP brand through strategic concepts and artistic execution.

The 45 Dance & 45 Full Story

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