“Hey, candidates! We’re the best company ever … great benefits, great opportunities, great culture”.
Ho hum -- every company says that, and these candidates have seen it all before. So how do you get their attention? Forget about listing a bunch of predictable perks: Grab their hearts and minds with a campaign that packs an emotional punch. 

The Challenge

You can look at recruitment as a challenge or as an opportunity, but either way, it needs a solution. It’s a tough task. You have to make your voice heard in a crowded field and give the candidates you want a reason to choose your company over the competition. A strategic approach that creates awareness, engages interest, sparks desire and encourages action is grounded in making a genuine emotional connection. AstraZeneca Canada understood that they needed something special. They are expanding their capabilities and pushing the boundaries of science with advanced life-changing therapies. Attracting exceptional talent is critical to supporting their growth, and they asked Big Red Oak to help shape a campaign.

The Solution

Collaboration was the key to designing an innovative solution. AstraZeneca’s Senior Communications Manager worked with our creative team to develop a concept that rings true by communicating the values and culture of the company through the voices of their staff members. The ‘Coffee Chat’ series pairs sets of employees who share their thoughts over a friendly cup of java. Unscripted, natural conversation covering specific themes reveals the professionalism and humanity of the participants, as they discuss their work and their commitment to their careers. Pullout graphics and quotes expanded the outreach through social media and internally at the office. AstraZeneca has shared the videos with global counterparts to demonstrate their best practices in recruitment and onboarding. 

The Creative

This series shows not only why AstraZeneca is a great place to work, with a commitment to a responsive culture and sustainability, but it also reveals a diversity of functions. The videos have a consistent style, with a call to action, allowing the flexibility to continue to build on the thematic pattern.

AstraZeneca Canada Coffee Chat Videos

Pushing The Boundaries Of Science

Growing Presence In Hematology

Commitment to Being A Great Place to Work

Striving to Achieve our Bold Ambition

Focus On Sustainability

Our Commitment to Oncology

Putting Patients First

Growth and Development at AstraZeneca

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