Safety Change Management
How important is it to keep on top of workplace safety? Just ask our clients in the nuclear and healthcare industries. How hard is it to get hundreds of employees to adopt safety as their personal goal? Not as difficult as you might think. The secret lies in creating a campaign that makes them proud to be part of the solution. We did that … and it works!

The Challenge

As the world’s largest power generator, bruce power places safety as their number one value, with every action and decision designed to ensure protection for the community, province, environment, employees and visitors. The company launched an in-house program of monthly safety videos to keep their staff updated on best practices and new developments, heightening their commitment to maintain rigorous safety standards. as technology advanced, the corporate communications team recognized the value of a professional, polished approach, for both internal messaging and external outreach. They asked big red oak to upgrade and modernize their suite of communication tools.

The Solution

Our discovery phase defined existing tactics, objectives and stakeholders, leading to the development of a collaborative strategy that fuses Bruce Power’s insights with our creative team’s expertise. An intake and curation process reviews suggestions from various workgroups, and monthly meetings align the programming. Big Red Oak customizes the content and format from pre-production to final delivery. The video messaging is reinforced through media such as posters, lanyard cards and signage, sparking conversations where employees intersect; and footage can serve a dual function as a training resource. Group discussions often follow the viewing sessions, drawing every member of the Bruce Power family into the culture of safety and driving home the significance of their role in the bigger picture of a clean-energy future powered by nuclear. Making it matter. Making it personal!

The Creative

Due to our respect for client confidentiality, we can’t share a full video production from Bruce Power’s monthly safety program; however, this short sizzle reel offers a sense of the flavour and pace that effectively engages the audience.

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