September 3, 2019


“Tell me a story.” Probably all of us remember saying this when we were small … and many of us are now hearing the same words from our own children. But stories aren’t just for kids. We grown-ups still read novels, go to the theatre, watch movies, listen to audio books. We want to find out whodunit, or savour the thrill of budding romance, or shed a tear when life deals a painful blow to the characters we relate to.

And this is why the art of storytelling works so well for a business. It’s all about relating. A company can present complex facts and figures to promote its products and services. But nothing clicks with clients like real stories about real people.

Storytelling is in our bones

Storytelling is as old as the hills. The early cave-dwellers acted out their tales, using paintings as an ancient teleprompter. Then texts were carved and etched onto planks, bone, and clay before print made books universally accessible. We humans think in narrative frameworks, and we have a perpetual hunger for stories.

Today’s shrewd marketers appreciate the value of entertainment. They pinpoint their audiences and craft a story to draw them in and form a relationship. And they realize that video has the perfect combination of visual, audio, and textual elements. Viewers respond to the message and share it with their friends.

Forging a connection

Contemporary marketing trends point to the effectiveness of storytelling in nurturing customer loyalty. Brands position themselves in the competitive marketplace through strategies like product quality, pricing, or distribution—but the most powerful tool is emotional connectivity.

The success of a storytelling video is determined by its impact on the audience. It’s imperative to understand who will see it and what they want to hear. What aspect of your brand will communicate to them? How do you want them to act? This means fully comprehending your brand promise. Not just your tagline, but the genuine values behind it.

Our video for the Centre for the Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine tells the story of cell and gene therapies that are making a vital difference to patient outcomes. Interviews with executives, scientists, technicians, and partners show their passion for the work, while a cancer patient gives a moving testimonial about the treatment that saved her life.

The Big Red Oak approach

Our own brand is based on our commitment to delivering solid results for our clients through good visual storytelling, conveying their insights through our expertise. We collaborate with them to develop the story arc, to cast the characters that will speak to the viewers, and to select settings that are interesting and relevant.

Rudyard Kipling once commented on the value of storytelling, stating, “If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.” We know why humans of all ages ask for stories. You can answer that call with creative and memorable videos.