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Is it Time to Refresh your Brand?

What’s in a brand? Well, basically, pretty much everything! Who you are, what you stand for, and how you want to be perceived. Think of meeting a new person. Your first impression is probably shaped by their clothing, haircut, mannerisms, speech, handshake, or air of confidence.

It’s the same with a business. A great brand design shows off your professional standards, makes an emotional connection with your clients, and inspires pride in your staff and shareholders. Big Red Oak recently completed a brand overhaul for Fiix Software, a firm that simplifies the world of maintenance management software by developing products that are affordable and easy to use.

The challenge

The company’s focus on small and medium business markets was expanding to include the enterprise sector. Fiix knew the importance of arming their staff with a versatile set of tools that would support their ambitious growth goals.

They needed to attract talent and engage clients and prospects through a strong visual language that would differentiate them from their competitors.

The strategy

Fiix fully understands their products and their client base. They chose to highlight the overarching theme of reliability: assisting their clients’ journeys to digital reliability with connected, intelligent, mobile and modern systems as the milestones.

The refreshed design would build on this theme, from engineering the equipment to behind-the-scenes technical, operational and management activities, while communicating quality, clarity and a collaborative approach.

Fiix provided Big Red Oak with guidelines for their logo, colours and specifications; and the two teams launched the project.

The partnership

Big Red Oak’s brand design expert met with the Fiix group for a number of exploratory sessions, refining and confirming the concepts. She produced a comprehensive brand book, showing its application to different scenarios, from online usage to trade shows to T-shirts, to presentation … and even to their physical space.

Big Red Oak worked with the in-house marketing department at Fiix on the roll-out phase, developing digital and print templates, and extending the reach further through corporate and motion graphics videos.

Hand-in-hand with Fiix, we created a winning visual system. Learning who they are and who they wanted to be. Recognizing where they were and where they wanted to go. Playing a role in promoting their expansion. Strengthening their position in a competitive environment.

Solid strategy. Superb design. Successful project.


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