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A Videographic Portrait – Makeup Artistry

Looking professional, feeling relaxed, having fun … these are the gifts that makeup artist Meaghan Gregory wants to share with anyone facing the camera’s eye. She understands that many people – even the most confident corporate executive – might be anxious about a photo or video shoot. Knowing that they’re putting their best face forward often helps to relieve the stress.

An expert makeup artist can choose the right colours and contours for shading and highlighting. Meaghan complements her skills in cosmetology with her perceptive intuition. She has a talent for putting the clients at ease, freeing them to focus on their role in the production. The Big Red Oak crew values her enthusiasm for the creative process and for the part she plays in making their subjects camera-ready.

Play the reel, meet Meaghan, watch her work, and hear her thoughts about her career.