January 5, 2023

Big Red Oak is expanding our capabilities to answer our clients’ business challenges with holistic solutions. Rather than just providing a menu of services, we’ve grown into a full marketing agency with the skill sets, dedication and talent to partner with our clients across a broad range of industries.

This growth means expanding our team as well, with the capacity to deliver the solutions that our clients depend on. We’re delighted to add the strategic and creative expertise of Brandon Morrison to our ‘BRO’ family.

Introducing Brandon

Brandon comes to us with a strong background in marketing agency work. Beginning his career as a young graphic designer, he dove deeply into the industry in various roles over the past 20 years and has never regretted his decision. 

“I love the diversity of people and thought in our industry,” he explains. “And that’s what keeps me interested.”

Brandon’s breadth of experience is a natural fit for Big Red Oak’s development, with an extensive knowledge of industries across a broad spectrum. And he feels especially aligned with the direction the company is taking.

Recognizing the capabilities that have earned the trust of Big Red Oak’s great stable of clients, Brandon respects the commitment to offer them even more. “I’ve come from different agencies of different sizes,” he adds, “and Big Red Oak has the aspects I admire in all of them.”

He shares Big Red Oak’s philosophy on the importance of collaborative relationships — within the team to produce high-quality work; with our clients to achieve their objectives; between the creation of good content and the insights of strategic analysis.  

Brandon brings a dual perspective to his appreciation for the impact of positive client relationships, having also worked on the client side of the fence.

“Big Red Oak partners with our clients to come up with the best solutions,” he says. “While no one knows their business and their communication challenges better than they do, Big Red Oak specializes in communications, and we can bring a valuable outside viewpoint into framing solutions to those challenges.” 

The Power of Strategic Creativity

“All marketing messaging should seek to solve a problem for the client and their audience,” says Brandon. “So you have to dive in, both internally and with the client, to deliver the best path forward to solve the problems. Clients need to be hyper-aware of their audiences. Who are you speaking to? Which particular demographic or business? Who is the message for? What is the most significant point in that message? It’s important to be very clear on that.”

While it’s said that creative without strategy is art, strategy without creative is just a wish list. When they join forces, founded on experience and fuelled by enthusiasm, we have the synergy for success. 

Take the analogy of a hardy oak tree: The solid trunk of proven expertise supports sturdy branches of strategy, which give flower to the foliage of content. This symbolizes how Big Red Oak has accelerated our own evolution; and we apply the same approach to help our clients. 

We are leaning into the future, building scale for our clients with a blueprint for long-term, resilient business growth. Strategy sets the vision; creativity shapes the journey; and execution reaches the final destination.