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AstraZeneca pathology showcase

Clarifying complexity through an in-depth look at the processes of anatomic pathology.

Anatomic pathology focuses on the diagnosis of disease through the examination of organs and tissues, diagnosing cancer and guiding decisions on treatment. Because pathologists play an important role in patient care, often behind the scenes from the patient or other healthcare professionals, AstraZeneca supported a video showcasing their critical work to a target audience of healthcare practitioners and hospital staff.

A pathologist explains in careful detail how the laboratory testing they undertake is a vital component in the evolution of precision medicine that is making a critical difference to patient outcomes. Step by step, the processes are clarified through visuals and voiceover, illustrating the work behind the therapy that is the most effective for each individual patient.

Every breakthrough brings with it new challenges, as expectations continue to rise for successful treatments of devastating diseases. This video enhances the communication channels among all segments of the healthcare team, promoting a deeper understanding of the complex work of anatomic pathologists to streamline the diagnostic pathway for specimen analysis.