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CAA’s School Safety Patrol dance

Celebrating the Canadian Automobile Association’s School Safety Patrol program through the joy of dance.

CAA has been concerned with the safety of children in school zones since its Safety Patrol program was established in 1929. Today, the program continues to flourish, as children aged 11 to 14 are trained to become traffic safety ambassadors at their schools.

To thank the dedicated young patrollers who help their peers safely navigate the route to school, CAA decided to create a dance based on the moves they perform every day. Entitled “The 45,” the dance was revealed through video at their annual Patroller Appreciation Movie Day.

Big Red Oak produced the video and assembled the team to achieve CAA’s vision, with a dynamic host and a personable choreographer. The video included an instructional, behind-the-scenes segment to bring patrollers into the experience and a fun, stylized dance video segment to energize and engage them. Additional instructional videos were created for each individual move.

In partnership with our client, we navigated a creative journey with vibrant aesthetics and a YouTube/vlog style that spoke to its young audience and achieved CAA’s objectives.