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CCRM corporate video

The power of videography brings clarity to the complex science of cell and gene therapy developed to treat devastating diseases.

The Centre for the Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine is a Canadian not-for-profit organization funded by the federal and provincial governments as well as leading academic and industry partners. It supports regenerative medicine and associated technologies, with a focus on cell and gene therapy. This network of researchers, companies, investors, and entrepreneurs aims to speed up the translation of scientific discoveries into products that improve outcomes for patients. Its office and lab space are housed in the MaRS Centre in Toronto.

Big Red Oak has produced a number of videos for CCRM, bringing clarity to the complex work they do. The first project we undertook was a corporate video that would tell their story to prospective investors and stakeholders. An initial meeting and facility tour deepened our understanding of the science and the people who are making a critical difference in the development of new therapies. Our production team crafted a script outline, along with suggested accompanying visuals, locations, and interview subjects. The shoot included hyperlapse photography to set the scene of the organization’s central location at the MaRS Centre, in close proximity to a surrounding hospital network.

The full video was segmented into social media clips for broad distribution with a focus on specific aspects of their work. The video was honoured with a Platinum standing from AVA Digital Awards. Big Red Oak has provided services in creative planning, production, animation, and motion graphics to subsequent projects for CCRM.