Big Red Oak


Humber River Hospital digital annual report

An innovative way to showcase an innovative hospital through a digital annual report that engaged its audience.

Humber River Hospital wanted to freshen up their approach by digitizing their annual report, spreading their story over wider networks and demonstrating their progressive philosophy. More efficient and cost-effective, a digital report also provides instant feedback on the type of data and analysis that engages the hospital’s community and stakeholders. Targeting an audience of community members, healthcare partners, hospital board members, and staff, volunteers, and physicians, Humber River Hospital engaged Big Red Oak to conceptualize and deliver their message.

We offered visual samples, provided content and design strategy, and outlined the logistics of microsite development to build a templated platform for use in subsequent years. The new site would present a highly visual style with videos and images, featuring a small number of long-form articles, with summaries and links to stories and news items.

Branded as “The Future of Care Today,” the 2017-18 report showcased the organization’s accomplishments through engaging photographs, graphic design, and videos. Big Red Oak conceptualized an effective way to reveal the hospital’s innovative profile, including its humanoid robot, with a special focus on patient care. In addition to the design and development of the microsite, we provided creative direction, editorial services, and video production. A downloadable PDF document that aligned with the style of the digital version was also made available.

Big Red Oak garnered a Platinum MarCom award for the report’s creativity and execution. We followed up our groundwork with the production of the hospital’s 2018-19 report, meeting the challenge of presenting a great deal of data in an interesting way through a “Year in Review” timeline with links to details about each item.

2017-18 report
2018-19 report