Big Red Oak


Scargall Owen-King showcase video

Showcasing the services and corporate brand of an expropriation law firm while highlighting a personal client story.

A Toronto-based firm focused solely on expropriation law, Scargall Owen-King LLP wanted to communicate their services and approach to prospective clients. Their objective was to create content that raised their profile as trustworthy and caring experts, while educating landowners about the options available to them.

Interviews with the firm’s partners clarified the process of expropriation while also illustrating their appreciation of the emotional impact that property owners feel when they are facing expropriation.

Drone footage, interviews, and b-roll provided a cinematic documentary-style treatment to the full-length video, while the integration of a client’s personal story made an emotional connection with viewers. Footage captured with this client was also used to create a stand-alone testimonial, providing a deeper understanding of the process and the positive outcome of the expropriation action.